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Pelvic Mesh Complications Clinic

If you think you may be suffering from Pelvic Mesh complications, we recommend you speak your GP and ask to be referred to the Pelvic Mesh Complications Clinic at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) commenced a dedicated Pelvic Mesh Complications Clinic in 2017. KEMH sought health consumer input, particularly from the WA Pelvic Mesh Support Group, as to what was required of this service by consumers and continues to do so.

This service is run in addition to the usual urogynaecology/urology clinics with access to a multidisciplinary team including a pain specialist, clinical psychologist, physiotherapist, urodynamics and urogynaecology specialist nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, dietitian and ultrasound specialist. As treatment will be individualised not every woman will need to see all members of the multidisciplinary team.

It is important to note that some GP’s and Emergency Departments are not aware of the Mesh Clinic at KEMH so we recommend you take a copy of the leaflet below.

422 WNHS Pelvic Mesh Complications Clinic flyer.

Once you have your referral you will need to call 1800 962 202

You will be asked by the contact person whether you wish to register your details and have your concerns further assessed by the KEMH urogynaecology team, or just register your details. You will then be contacted as soon as possible to arrange an appointment if assessment was requested.

Alternatively, you may refer yourself to the KEMH Pelvic Mesh Complications Clinic. If you self-refer, it is still advisable to obtain a letter from your GP with all your past medical history, medications, allergies and information pertaining to your mesh surgery if that is known.

If you present to an Emergency Department for any of your symptoms please ensure you tell the health professional staff if you have a Pelvic Mesh so that your care can be managed accordingly.

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Other Useful Information

In an anonymous recent survey by Mesh Awareness Australia, on the Cost of Surgical Mesh,  250 Australian men and women with Surgical Mesh Implants highlight the physical, social and emotional impact that Surgical Mesh has had on their lives. 

The survey results highlight that over
  • 75% of men and women living with surgical mesh experience Depression
  • 78% of men and women living with surgical mesh experience Anxiety
  • 83% of men and women living with surgical mesh experience Sleep Difficulties
  • 57% of men and women living with surgical mesh experience Social Isolation
  • 60% of men and women living with surgical mesh experience Autoimmune and Allergy Symptoms
  • 80% of men and women living with surgical mesh experience Chronic Pain

To see the full survey results, please click here.









Women’s Health & Family Services run monthly support groups in Joondalup and Fremantle for women suffering with mesh complications. They also provide free one to one counselling sessions for those women with or without a referral . For further details or book a one to one counselling session please contact the Northbridge Office on 08 63305400 or click on the logo.